Al-Masah for Shipping agencies, Marine Services & Supplies | Ship Agency | Providing consultancy on marine projects | General Contracting | Import, Export and Commercial Agencies


Port Agency

Al-Masah offers modern, competent and comprehensive port agency services, we go beyond the standard ship agency services

Liner Representation

Al-Masah company provides Liner representation services cover containerized, Ro/Ro and conventional cargo principals

Cargo Booking

Al-Masah company provides shipping services for a wide range of non-containerized cargo

Al-Masah Crew Care

For our concern for the safety of the for crew signing in/off and transfer luggage between airport and vessel

Offshore Logistics

We provide a full range of operational support for vessels, surveys and other offshore work

Ship Chandler

Almasah operate with qualified and highly skilled crew members working around the clock to serve our valued customers.



Al-Masah Company has strong relations with shipping lines
  • supply
  • solutions
  • requirements
  • tracking
  • reporting


Al-Masah Company offers a wide range of transportation solutions
  • pullout
  • delivery
  • customs clearance
  • land border
  • efficient equipment

Oil & Gas

Al-Masah Company provides Oil & Gas products and services to the oil, gas
  • experienced engineers
  • solutions
  • international companies
  • associates
  • local legislation
AL-MASAH Cargo Booking

The range of services provided includes identification of goods through project monitoring and the use of market contacts through experienced brokers.

Looking for a logistics partner?
Established in Alexandria-Egypt in October 2018, Al-Masah Company for Shipping Agencies, Marine Services & Supplies is one of the largest independent companies, its division includes Shipping, Logistics, Industrial & Energy (oil & gas,) and an ideal partner for companies looking to pursue commercial growth and expansion in the Middle East