provides responsive and quick deployment logistics solutions

AL-Masah Logistics Services

Our specialist logistics team have the knowledge and expertise to optimise freight
routes utilising our established global network of air, sea and custom charters


Al-Masah Company has strong relations with shipping lines through a network of global partners that allows it to provide efficient supply chain solutions for all shipping requirements

  • Tracking and reporting of cargo cases
  • Handling bulk broken shipping
  • Internal customs clearance facilities
  • leading ports in the region


Al-Masah Company offers a wide range of transportation solutions using efficient equipment

  • Pullout and delivery of goods
  • Internal customs clearance facilities
  • The main land border
  • Using High-Quality Trucks / Trailers

Oil & Gas

Al-Masah Company provides Oil & Gas products and services to the oil, gas and petrochemical industries, our team of experienced engineers offers unique value-added solutions to technical problems through an advanced network of international companies

  • Provides engineering solutions
  • Refineries & petrochemicals
  • Gas plants
  • Local legislation
Looking for a logistics partner?
Established in Alexandria-Egypt in October 2018, Al-Masah Company for Shipping Agencies, Marine Services & Supplies is one of the largest independent companies, its division includes Shipping, Logistics, Industrial & Energy (oil & gas,) and an ideal partner for companies looking to pursue commercial growth and expansion in the Middle East