Maintain health and safety culture among the organization

Al-MASAH Shipping Agency Services

The business model of this related entity take over modern technology to deliver
designed solutions at both global and regional levels.

Port Agency

Al-Masah offers modern, competent and comprehensive port agency services, we go beyond the standard ship agency services We communicate with a wide range of ship agency services.

We guarantee you to provide all the requirements for crew: spare parts, anti-piracy, call repair, medical and emergency call repairs.

Al-Masah Crew Care

For our concern for the safety of the for crew signing in/off and transfer luggage between airport and vessel,

Al-Masah Company also provides dedicated facilities and teams to meet the needs of the 24-hour crew at the airport, including customs support and help negotiate competitive hotel prices.

Liner Representation

Al-Masah company provides Liner representation services cover containerized, Ro/Ro and conventional cargo principals as well as authentication service.

Delivery orders and cargo supervisory services and trained personnel in dangerous goods.

Offshore Logistics

We provide a full range of operational support for vessels, surveys and other offshore work. Al-Masah company also helps arrange permits and licenses through its extensive contacts with the authorities,

Dealing with the crew by launching and transporting them and delivery of spare parts and supplies through the contacts of suppliers and internal customs intermediaries.

Cargo Booking

Al-Masah company provides shipping services for a wide range of non-containerized cargo. The range of services provided includes identification of goods through project monitoring and the use of market contacts,

Quick combinations through experienced brokers and closely supervise and maintain regional oversight through a central cargo desk.


Traditionally warehousing was a cost of company due to rental of space but we have changed it to variable to meet your need and make you cost effective.

Now you can have professional services under one roof, while pay for what you use only.

Looking for a logistics partner?
Established in Alexandria-Egypt in October 2018, Al-Masah Company for Shipping Agencies, Marine Services & Supplies is one of the largest independent companies, its division includes Shipping, Logistics, Industrial & Energy (oil & gas,) and an ideal partner for companies looking to pursue commercial growth and expansion in the Middle East